Giving Never Felt so Good


Our Products

A portion of the proceeds for all products will go to Honor Flight Southern Nevada
"Coffee was as important as beef and restored courage and strength and kept up morale."

excerpts from a Post WWI review of the military's coffee supply.

Honor Flight Southern Nevada is proud to honor the long, rich relationship between our military and coffee 

by bringing our own roast to our community. If it lifted their spirits, imagine what it will do for you!

Honor Flight Southern Nevada and Coffee... a perfect match!

We invite you to enjoy our signature roast, Red, White & Brew, regular or decaf, or our featured monthly, flavored blends. As you sip and enjoy the rich tastes, we hope you take a moment to scan the QR code on the back of every bag to learn about the extraordinary Veterans we have served over the past ten years..and don't forget to let us know how it affects your daily morale!

We hope you sign on as a subscriber for a monthly delivery of your new morning motivation!

A Taste of Coffee and HFSN come together!

Honor Flight is excited to launch a coffee subscription with A Taste of Coffee! Every month we will actually highlight events or inspirational stories that have happened within the Honor Flight.
Twenty percent of the proceeds will goes back to Honor Flight of Southern Nevada. What a wonderful way to support our veterans! We will look foward to seeing you drinking a cup of coffee with us.